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Traditionally, an appointment with a dietitian has been in person.  At All About Diet we understand that it can be difficult to get an appointment with a dietitian outside of normal business hours.  This makes it challenging for people who work full time and Mums who are often forced to attend appointments with their children.


Dietary change is not something which is easily done in a rush, squeezed into a hectic work schedule or with children in tow.


Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home, with no time schedule to consider, away from all other distractions and actually being able to take the time YOU need for YOU.
With the flexibility of online, our dietitians can also be more readily available. Rather than waiting weeks between appointments, the All About Diet dietitians are just at the end of an email, ready to answer your questions and give you the regular support you need.


About Founder of All About Diet



Dt.Farzana Chauhan is helping people make healthier food choices and helps clients to move from setting weight or health goals to successful behavior changes.


She has persuaded master’s degree in Dietetics and food service management. A graduate from SVT college of SNDT at ALL ABOUT DIET, she has been able to successfully treat lifestyle problems like Obesity, PCOD/PCOS, Thyroid, Digestive Disorders, High Cholesterol, Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Menopausal Complaints, weakness , low immunity etc with the help of advanced Nutritional Therapy, Behavior Modification, Counseling and Exercise regime.


Farzana shares, “Nutrition is my passion and more specifically making healthy eating simple for everyone”, with this aim in mind this platform has been developed and helping people to achieve their goal for better health.


Why All About Diet

We give you personalized and interactive dieting experience
We work according  to your convenience and available for you over SMS, Online CHATS, SKYPE, Emails,           and phone calls
Our diet plans are tailor made, according to your food preferences and ethnic values.
We provide you with range of healthy recipes to choose from.
Your medical conditions are taken care of and diets are planned keeping in mind to improve your health          status.
Receive periodic health article via email to gain knowledge about healthy wholesome eating

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