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How to Adopt Healthier Lifestyle?

Fitness – More than fad diets!   Weight management is a great concern for many. People want to lose weight and want to lose it fast. To accomplish this they adopt myriad strategies like dieting, exercise, herbal drinks, fad diets.. the list is endless. But how long do these efforts continue? And even if they manage to lose weight, do the kilos stay off once the efforts are stalled?     Fad diets are not a long term solution for … Read More


Remedies to Cure Acidity

Remedies to Cure Acidity   People often complain about tightness in the chest or burning sensation in the throat after taking meal. It is known as Acidity and this happens to every one of us. It is characterized by flowing of the gastric juices in the upward direction from the stomach to esophagus or food pipe. Though it seems a normal health condition which can be cured with home remedies or medications like antacids but if it is happening on … Read More


Remedies to get relief from Constipation

  Our frequent outings, likeness towards fast foods, sitting jobs and being inactive through out the day made us more prone to constipation.  Almost everyone go through constipation sooner or later in their life. Its not very serious condition and in most cases it can be managed by simple diet and lifestyle modifications. People who are obese or overweight often complain constipation. Many people wonder if these two are related. The answer is yes and no. I will explain why. … Read More


Valentine’s Day Offer

    We know you care for your Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Friend and many more in your life. You desperately want them to follow healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve their fat loss target. Why not present them unique Gift of Healthy this year?     All About Diet brings you with an exciting and super saving offer this Valentine’s Day. Buy 3/6/12 month diet program for your self and get 1 month absolutely FREE for your Valentine. OR … Read More


Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss, what you should target?

    People are so obsessed with losing weight that they are ready to follow any diet which promise to deliver quick results. There is no denial in effectiveness of fad diets BUT, did you ever gave it a thought weather its helping you burn fat stores or depleting muscle of your body to give you result on weighing scale?   Many people think that weight loss and fat loss are same, but there is world of difference between the … Read More


Foods that Boost Metabolism and Help in Weight Loss

High metabolism simply means the capability of your body to burn calories is higher. Our metabolism is partially ruled by genetics, gender and age; however, there are ways to rev it up by eating the right kind of food. Several foods have a high thermogenic effect (heat producing) and upon their consumption we burn more calories as our metabolism has to work harder.   So, when metabolism is charged up, you tend to lose weight even when you eat the … Read More


Warm Vs Cold Water which is good for Weight Loss?

Water is essential for all human beings, its responsible performing many important functions of our body.  But drinking water at right temperature at right time makes whole lot of difference to your health and weight loss.     Before knowing whether warm water or cold water helps in weight loss lets understand what effect each of these create once it reaches to human system.     As warm water opens pores and cold water constricts pores. What Happens When You Drink … Read More


Valentine’s Day Discount Offers

  We know you care for your Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Friend and many more in your life. You desperately want them to follow healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve their fat loss target. Why not present them unique Gift of Healthy this year?   All About Diet brings you with an exciting and super saving offer this Valentine’s Day. Buy 3/6/12 month diet program for your self and get 1 month absolutely FREE for your Valentine. OR   Buy … Read More

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Navratri Diet Tips

The idea of going for diet on festive season doest appeal for many of us, but to eat sensibly is a must so that is doesn’t ruin your maintained body image. To help get benefit of from this fasting season there is need of little modification in our traditional navratri diet pattern.       Navratri Diet Tips     1. For those who fast all nine days, it is important to eat small meals at regular intervals.This will keep … Read More

Flat stomach diet – Is fruit diet ideal for you?

Weight loss is an issue that usually confuses a lot of people. What kind of diet should one follow? How much exercise and what kind should one indulge in? What are the other measures one can take? What is flat stomach diet? These are some of the questions that people usually have. While your dietary intake has a major bearing on your weight loss journey, the kind of diet you follow also makes a difference. There are many kinds of … Read More


Diet Tips for Glowing Skin

VARIOUS NUTRIENTS ESSENTIAL FOR GOOD SKIN   Sometimes we only focus on creams and face-washes that can cleanse our skin from pimple marks and scars!   But that’s not only the solution!   Faulty eating habits and a faulty life-style are the main reasons for skin-problems like acne,pimples,scars,dry-skin and itching.   Various nutrients which contribute to a glowing a clear skin are Vitamin A, C, E, K, B-complex (Esp. Biotin)   These nutrients protect our skin from sun-damage and tanning … Read More


Diet tips for PCOD

What is PCOD? PCOD PCOD / PCOS  is a condition that affects women. It is caused by an imbalance of a woman’s sex hormones which may lead to:   Menstrual cycle changes Skin problems such as acne Increased hair growth on the face and body Cysts in the ovaries and Trouble getting pregnant.     CAUSE OF POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME     Being overweight Faulty lifestyle Over Consumption of Junk food Lack of exercise or less activity Consumption of processed … Read More


Why am I not losing weight? (Weight Loss Tips)

  Many of my clients when first consult with me they ask this question that despite trying so many strategies, why I am not losing weight?   When I ask them what efforts you have made they share:   I did GM diet for month I took herbal life shake for three months I went on fruits and liquid diet I do gym every day!   Ok wait! any sensible approach? This is usually my reaction to that.   “So … Read More


Can I Lose Weight Faster in Winters?

  Are you anxious about getting into those pants come New Years Party? Is your New Years Resolution weight centric? Rest assured you are not alone. There are many out there as baffled as you are about how to stay fit despite the innumerable temptations that Indian winters offer.     Many of us think winter is the time to gain lots of weight therefore there is no point of diet monitoring during winter. Contrary to this thought, its seen that people who … Read More


Am I taking enough Protein in my Diet?

   Is my protein intake adequate?   Can I increase my muscle mass because I don’t eat eggs?   If you are a vegetarian and have these concerns, you are not alone.Most vegetarians are skeptical about their protein intake.The good part is vegetarians can easily meet their requirement if they pay small attention and feel the importance of eating good amount of protein in daily diet.   Let us first understand what is a protein ?   Protein is of prime importance for growth, healing … Read More

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Lose upto 12kg in just 12 week

  Lose upto 12kg in just 90 days! Healthy makeover Challenge!!     Yes! after the huge success (95% success rate) of our “lose upto 6 kg in just 45 days” diet program now we are up with creating a milestone by offering you a unique program Which will give you healthy weight loss of upto 12 kg in just 90 days.     I know you are very excited to see your healthy makeover with all those glowing skin … Read More


Eat Alot This Diwali Without The Fear of Gaining Weight (Secret Tips)

  I have heard from secret source that you have been excited about Diwali from month before 😀   Am I write? Of course I am     Diwali is the most awaited festival of the year, and don’t even think that Ill be giving you a diet plan to help you lose or even stop you from your evil plan of eating whole festival nonstop.   In fact this is my suggestion to you that EAT A LOT THIS … Read More

Ways to Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

Have you gained tons of weight post pregnancy? Does it seems, you can never become stunning like you were in your wedding pics? Relax there is a definite way out for you weight gain issues!   I know you have got lot of pampering post pregnancy by your mother, in-laws and by your other half. Believe me! They did right, as they were concerned about you and your little one’s health   It’s true that the nutritional demand increases post pregnancy … Read More

Lose upto 6 kg in 6 weeks!

    Yes, you have heard it right you can lose upto 6 kg in just 6 weeks. All About Diet brings you unique 45 days program for your complete healthy makeover. Bring out the diva in you after shedding those extra kilos that is dimming your personality. No Starvation  liquid/ low carb/ high protein diet during program. Eat just healthy and balanced diet with lots of variety to get result  so that you can maintain the lost weight easily.   … Read More


Diet in Rainy Season

Diet in Rainy Season In India rainy season are most cherished, because it comes with lot of fun filled moments but its also true that in rainy season due to sudden climate change body becomes low on immunity and invite many diseases and infections like malaria, typhoid, digestion problems etc. so therefore need arises to overlook ones eating pattern and diet in rainy season.   With rains, come the desire of freshly prepared monsoon special dishes like pakoda, samosa, spicy … Read More

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