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5 Healthy Snacks to Pick this Monsoon

    Fragrance of  Monsoon comes with a lot of food temptations. Masala chai and pakodas are all time favorite option for everyone. But have you ever tried some healthy alternative to this? Here All About Diet have listed 5 healthy snacks options you can pick this monsoon guilt free.   1.Corn Bhel     Corn is available in plenty during monsoons. If you are not eating them off the cob, the next best thing you can do with them is … Read More


Diet in Rainy Season

Diet in Rainy Season In India rainy season are most cherished, because it comes with lot of fun filled moments but its also true that in rainy season due to sudden climate change body becomes low on immunity and invite many diseases and infections like malaria, typhoid, digestion problems etc. so therefore need arises to overlook ones eating pattern and diet in rainy season.   With rains, come the desire of freshly prepared monsoon special dishes like pakoda, samosa, spicy … Read More


Healthy One Minute Snack – Poha Chivda

Hello Dieters, you all must be wondering why i am frequently posting about healthy snacking recipe as its not been a week when I posted corn bhel an healthy snacking recipe. Its because while counselling my weight loss diet clients i have realized most of them have poor snacking habits and its a no. one reason of their weight gain.   We in 2015 have very busy life and many of us don’t want to spend hours on kitchen for … Read More


Healthy Snack – Corn Bhel

    Snacking plays a big difference on your overall health. When you choose snacking options smartly it can help you reduce your weight and vice verse. Its very commonly seen among the over weight and obese individuals that they  pick wrong snacking options and therefore they tend to gain weight even if they are eating healthy at meal timings. On the other hands there are many people who skips snacking due to fear of weight gain.     The fact … Read More