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5 Healthy Snacks to Pick this Monsoon

    Fragrance of  Monsoon comes with a lot of food temptations. Masala chai and pakodas are all time favorite option for everyone. But have you ever tried some healthy alternative to this? Here All About Diet have listed 5 healthy snacks options you can pick this monsoon guilt free.   1.Corn Bhel     Corn is available in plenty during monsoons. If you are not eating them off the cob, the next best thing you can do with them is … Read More


How to Adopt Healthier Lifestyle?

Fitness – More than fad diets!   Weight management is a great concern for many. People want to lose weight and want to lose it fast. To accomplish this they adopt myriad strategies like dieting, exercise, herbal drinks, fad diets.. the list is endless. But how long do these efforts continue? And even if they manage to lose weight, do the kilos stay off once the efforts are stalled?     Fad diets are not a long term solution for … Read More


Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss, what you should target?

    People are so obsessed with losing weight that they are ready to follow any diet which promise to deliver quick results. There is no denial in effectiveness of fad diets BUT, did you ever gave it a thought weather its helping you burn fat stores or depleting muscle of your body to give you result on weighing scale?   Many people think that weight loss and fat loss are same, but there is world of difference between the … Read More


Foods that Boost Metabolism and Help in Weight Loss

High metabolism simply means the capability of your body to burn calories is higher. Our metabolism is partially ruled by genetics, gender and age; however, there are ways to rev it up by eating the right kind of food. Several foods have a high thermogenic effect (heat producing) and upon their consumption we burn more calories as our metabolism has to work harder.   So, when metabolism is charged up, you tend to lose weight even when you eat the … Read More


Warm Vs Cold Water which is good for Weight Loss?

Water is essential for all human beings, its responsible performing many important functions of our body.  But drinking water at right temperature at right time makes whole lot of difference to your health and weight loss.     Before knowing whether warm water or cold water helps in weight loss lets understand what effect each of these create once it reaches to human system.     As warm water opens pores and cold water constricts pores. What Happens When You Drink … Read More


Valentine’s Day Discount Offers

  We know you care for your Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Friend and many more in your life. You desperately want them to follow healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve their fat loss target. Why not present them unique Gift of Healthy this year?   All About Diet brings you with an exciting and super saving offer this Valentine’s Day. Buy 3/6/12 month diet program for your self and get 1 month absolutely FREE for your Valentine. OR   Buy … Read More


Flat stomach diet – Is fruit diet ideal for you?

Weight loss is an issue that usually confuses a lot of people. What kind of diet should one follow? How much exercise and what kind should one indulge in? What are the other measures one can take? What is flat stomach diet? These are some of the questions that people usually have. While your dietary intake has a major bearing on your weight loss journey, the kind of diet you follow also makes a difference. There are many kinds of … Read More


Diet tips for PCOD

What is PCOD? PCOD PCOD / PCOS  is a condition that affects women. It is caused by an imbalance of a woman’s sex hormones which may lead to:   Menstrual cycle changes Skin problems such as acne Increased hair growth on the face and body Cysts in the ovaries and Trouble getting pregnant.     CAUSE OF POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME     Being overweight Faulty lifestyle Over Consumption of Junk food Lack of exercise or less activity Consumption of processed … Read More


Why am I not losing weight? (Weight Loss Tips)

  Many of my clients when first consult with me they ask this question that despite trying so many strategies, why I am not losing weight?   When I ask them what efforts you have made they share:   I did GM diet for month I took herbal life shake for three months I went on fruits and liquid diet I do gym every day!   Ok wait! any sensible approach? This is usually my reaction to that.   “So … Read More


Can I Lose Weight Faster in Winters?

  Are you anxious about getting into those pants come New Years Party? Is your New Years Resolution weight centric? Rest assured you are not alone. There are many out there as baffled as you are about how to stay fit despite the innumerable temptations that Indian winters offer.     Many of us think winter is the time to gain lots of weight therefore there is no point of diet monitoring during winter. Contrary to this thought, its seen that people who … Read More