Can I Lose Weight Faster in Winters?

Can I Lose Weight Faster in Winters?

Are you anxious about getting into those pants come New Years Party? Is your New Years Resolution weight centric? Rest assured you are not alone. There are many out there as baffled as you are about how to stay fit despite the innumerable temptations that Indian winters offer.

Many of us think winter is the time to gain lots of weight therefore there is no point of diet monitoring during winter. Contrary to this thought, its seen that people who eat sensible during winters easily lose more number of kilo as compared to same efforts during summer time.

Why its easier to lose weight in winter?

During cold weather, our body has to work harder to maintain the body temperature and to keep us warm. Without it, our core temperature would drop, and we would begin to suffer from hypothermia!

By working harder, the metabolism is burning more calories. Therefore its a natural process of body to burn calories. Just by making smart food choices you can aggravate the calorie burning process and easily achieve your weight loss goals.

Some tips to make you achieve your weight loss goal during winter are: 

  • Have low calorie hot bowl of soup before meals or in between meals.
  • Eat handful of nuts as a snack or include it as a part of breakfast.
  • Include more of low fat protein rich food sources in your each meal, like low fat paneer/curd, whole pulse, boiled egg whites etc.
  • Eat five to six small meals rather than having large potion twice a day.
    Go for regular workouts, winter is best time to make your inside strong.

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Before you set yourself on a regime, understanding the human physiology during winters is quintessential. A drop in outside temperature is not responsible for overeating. That old hibernation theory of needing more calories to get you through a harsh winter does not hold up.The problem is pivoted around behavior and scrumptious delicacies we are exposed to during this time. In addition we socialize more during holiday season as a result of which consumption of alcohol goes up. Also the colder & shorter days make it difficult for us to stay motivated and venture outside for exercise thereby gluing us to television screens.

The key to succeed in biting cold is to keep moving and keeping the hunger levels in check. However beneath is your guide for easy weight management during winters

1) Shorten your session- do not skip your workout regimen if you are preoccupied with something. Instead shorten the duration and increase the perspiration.

2) Get creative indoors- the fog and chill outside might make you change your mind. Ensure that you stay active by engaging in activities like staircase climbing, yoga, martial arts etc.

3) Be consistent with fitness tracker- if you have been avoiding the pedometer of late, now is the time to be regular and aim for  minimum 10000 steps per day in the event of missing exercise regime

4) Move more, eat less – attend parties that aren’t just limited to cocktails and food. Indulge in activities like ice skating that are high on fitness and fun quotient. Drinks and dinner may follow suit

5) Water intake in check- do not confuse thirst with hunger. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and stay hydrated.

6) Protein adequacy- power packed proteins like sprouts, roasted black gram, cheese cubes, besan cheela, nutrela if included in your winter diet will provide more satiety and keep blood sugar levels in check. Snacking on these is a good idea as well

7) Be Carb Smart- filling carbs like veggies or those that contain protein and fiber should form the bulk of carb intake as they lead to satiety. Rice, pasta, breads should be consumed in moderation and after workouts when they can be appropriately utilized by our bodies

8) Never skip meals- do not skip your luncheon thinking you can overeat at the night party. This will

Only lead to your body going into starvation mode and not utilizing the feast either at night.

9) Remember no meal is the last meal- just because you are out celebrating doesnt mean you wont get food after that. Keep your portion size in check

10) Sleep- ensure that you get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

11) Learn to say no- declining the second helping would not make you rude. So remember why you are eating and when to decline.

These steps if followed religiously will go a long way in ensuring you stay fit and will make your winters guilt free.

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