Flat stomach diet – Is fruit diet ideal for you?

Weight loss is an issue that usually confuses a lot of people. What kind of diet should one follow? How much exercise and what kind should one indulge in? What are the other measures one can take? What is flat stomach diet? These are some of the questions that people usually have. While your dietary intake has a major bearing on your weight loss journey, the kind of diet you follow also makes a difference. There are many kinds of diets out there for weight loss, and one of them is a fruit diet. Is this ideal and effective? Let us find out.



  • Nutrition in Fruit: While fruits have high nutrition value, they are also high in fibre and natural glucose. Fruits also have high water content which will leave you feeling full for a long time. Yet, once the effect wears off, you will end up feeling hungry and will find yourself consuming more food that is energy dense and calorific as well. Also, much of this food group has plenty of sugar which may need a balance of vegetables and grains to burn off the excess glucose.

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  • Sustained Weight Loss: The initial effects of a fruit diet may show you fabulous results. The fiber pushes the food through the digestive pipe faster, and you find yourself consuming more and more fruits for a slimmer waist. Yet, when it is not coupled with exercise, you may end up gaining all those kilos or pounds back once you stop the fruit diet because your body will not know what to do unless it gets that dose of fiber.
  • Balanced Diet: While fruits offer you all kinds of nutrients, there is a need to turn to other food groups as well so that your body keeps its immunity in place and also gets nourished by all other food groups. As per dieticians, any diet that sticks to one food group only is known as a fad diet, which does not show sustainable results.
  • Monotony: A sluggish metabolism is usually the end result of a digestive disorder or a single food diet. The same type of food is known to drive the metabolism to a state of relative complacency and it may end up slowing down to a point where you find it difficult to move those last 5 kgs or last few out pounds off of your waist.

While there are several kinds of diets that may suit several types of people and their varied bodies and metabolic rates, it is also a fact that a balanced diet is something that does wonders for your metabolism rate and keeps it going with the influx of different kinds of food.

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