Healthy Snack Poha Chivda

Healthy One Minute Snack – Poha Chivda



Hello Dieters, you all must be wondering why i am frequently posting about healthy snacking recipe as its not been a week when I posted corn bhel an healthy snacking recipe. Its because while counselling my weight loss diet clients i have realized most of them have poor snacking habits and its a no. one reason of their weight gain.

We in 2015 have very busy life and many of us don’t want to spend hours on kitchen for preparing snacks after giving lunch and dinner preparation duties. Therefore either we stock biscuits, chips or chivda at home or call for any chaat like samosa, sev puri or vada pav from the vendor down stairs. Have you ever realized bad snacking can give you calories as much as its required for whole day? Yes its true! Therefore its essential to educate yourself with list of low calorie, filling and quick snacking recipes which are not only rich in nutrients but also helps you manage or lose your weight. So Today I am sharing which one of my secret quick healthy snacking recipe.

Healthy Snack- Poha Chivda



Serving size: 1 serving 

Cooking time: 1-2 min 


Rice Flakes                     30g

Ground nut                   1 tbsp.

Turmeric                        a pinch

Curry leaves                   8-10

Dried mint leaves         1 tbsp. (optional)

Oil                                   1/2 tsp.

Salt to taste


– In a microwave safe  dish take oil, turmeric, curry leaves, groundnut and salt and cook for 30 sec.

– Now mix rice flakes to it properly, by mixing it properly by using palms.

– Put the dish back to microwave and cook it 30-45 sec, stir it in middle.

– Let it cool in air and add dried mint leaves or powder.

– Can store in air tight container for week or two.

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Benefits of Poha Chivda

– Rich flakes are rich in Iron

– Groundnuts are rich in protein and good fats

– Its low in calorie

– Gives the feeling of fullness

– Its easy to prepare and store

– Its economical than many ready made snacking options available.


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