How we work

How we work

We offer program which is unique, supervised and personalized with no starvation, no monotonous diets, no medicines and no strenuous exercises. Our qualified dieticians work one to one with you and plan your diet according to your eating habits and lifestyle. Here are the steps how we work to achieve your health goal.

Fill up registration form, and select a suitable diet package according to your needs. 

You will receive a call from our dietitian to discuss your case
Pay enrollment fee as per the program you choose with us.
You will receive a notification of activation of your diet package.
Give diet recall to dietitian and discuss your eating pattern over Skype chat/ Email or call.
Based on response received customized diet plan is prepared for you according to your daily routine,                medical history, lifestyle and daily activity level
Your personalized plan will include daily guidelines, meal and snack suggestions along with recipes and           tips for dining out.
We will examine the progress of your goals and examine any challenges or problem areas that is                 preventing you from reaching your goals Diet plan will be changed every week and you will get a call by          dietitian for diet counseling.
Follow your diet plan strictly to get good results, if you need any further help of dietitian you can call any             time between 10am- 8pm or send us an email.
Maintain food diary and enter your daily eating practices this will help you discuss in counseling                             sessions you will get every week.
Get sustainable result.




















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