Indian Weight loss diet tips

Indian Weight loss diet tips

Ever since I have started practicing, this is the most common request I have received please tell me some good tips to lose weight. So today I thought to pen it down. I am very sure you all have come across some of the tips mentioned here, but I want to ask, how many of them have actually practiced it?

Don’t just read to please your ear, time to take action for your better health. Here are some ways which will discover how to eat and lose weight!

– Get rid of excuses– Your determination and motivation is key for your weight loss success. Like most dieters, you’ve probably said at least one of the following phrases: “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’m not as bad as I used to be.” Recognize that by saying this you are making excuses, time to take action now! Because your today’s diet is your tomorrow’s body so doesn’t put your healthy diet regime on further hold.

– Eat whole foods avoid processed or convenience food– Processed foods contains number of chemical which often make food product nutrient-deficient or it contain added salt, sugar, and fat which are the cause of conditions like hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Whole foods are nutrient rich.

– Fill up your stomach with more of fresh fruits and vegetables– To achieve this Start you meal with a bowl of soup or tossed salad. High-fiber foods including fresh vegetables and fruits are higher in volume and take longer to digest, which makes them filling. That’s the reason eating vegetables and fruits will keep you fuller for longer than junk or processes food.

– Don’t cut down entirely on carbs or fat, it is an unhealthy approach and impractical too.

– Don’t use short cut methods – Like use of dieting pills or severely cutting down on calories there are 100% chances that you will regain the lost weight very quickly, the reason is by drastically restricting calories your metabolism slows down and when you start eating normally you tend to gain weight until your metabolism comes to normal. Therefore Indian weight loss diet only require diet and lifestyle modification in order to get weight loss result.

– Don’t eat food just because you are bored or stressed – Learn to understand your body’s signal for hunger and stop emotional eating. Use healthier ways to ease your stress like, yoga, exercise, or meditation.

– Stop mindless eating – Have you ever realized you tend to eat more when you are watching TV, or doing sum simulations work! When you sit for eating pay attention to what you eat chew your food properly savoring each bite. When you chew your food properly you allow food particle to mix with saliva which contains digestive juices and hence there is a better digestion of food you eat.

– Learn the signals of your stomach– Stop when you are full. The thumb rule is fill your one third stomach with food, one third with water and leave remain one third stomach empty for breathing.

– Plan your breakfast carefully – It’s the most important meal of the day, a good break fast should contain high fiber cereal, low fat protein and a fruit. – Eat enough protein, Protein rich meals provides you satiety and keep the feeling of hunger at bay for longer time than meals rich in cabs and fats.

– Keep yourself hydrated -Keep sipping water throughout the day to eliminate toxins from body and to get clearer skin. Reduce your calorie intake by consuming soft drinks, alcohols, soda etc.

– Learn to read food labels – Learning to read the food labels esp. the portion size and macro nutrients will help to take informed choices about your diet and over all wellness.

– Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time – When you feel hungry to tend to grab any convenience food near you, it may be a packet of fries, a high fat and sugar cookies or a high cal cheese pizza! When the meals are planned before time there is no scope for unhealthy stuff coming in your diet.

– Maintain a food diary – It is one of the top ways to keep a weight in check, because you get better insight about your diet when actually you get to see what all thing going in your stomach. Write down about every morsel that has passed down from your mouth and discuss with your dietitian where you are going wrong.

– Exercise is a dieter’s best friend– Engage yourself in some form of exercise, it gives your metabolism a boost, not alone burn a calories. When your metabolism is higher you tend to use more of fat cell for the different processes of your body.

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