Lose upto 12kg in just 12 week



Lose upto 12kg in just 90 days! Healthy makeover Challenge!!



Yes! after the huge success (95% success rate) of our “lose upto 6 kg in just 45 days” diet program now we are up with creating a milestone by offering you a unique program Which will give you healthy weight loss of upto 12 kg in just 90 days.



I know you are very excited to see your healthy makeover with all those glowing skin and shinier hair. So let’s quickly go through the details of program.



What’s so good about this program?


  • Weight reduction of upto 12 kg in just 90 days
  • Follow up every fourth day (no chance of you going wrong anywhere)
  • 9 diet charts with range of healthy recipes
  • Customised plan depending upon your gender, lifestyle, food preferences and disease condition
  • Instant chat/ email support
  • Diet plan balanced in all the nutrients
  • Strictly no Fad diet (like low carb/ high protein/ zero fat / Atkins diet etc)


All of the above feature at just Rs. 11999



For the limited period we are giving you a discount of Rs.1000, Hurry up join at special rate of Rs.8999 by clicking below.


Enroll in Just Rs.10999



What’s the enrollment criteria?


  • You should be motivated to lose in a healthy way.
  • You should be willing to give updates/interact with your personal dietitian on weekly basis
  • You should be within 20-50 years of age.


In case you face any problem while registering in our program, fill up below form to request account details so that you can directly transfer amount and can start with program.




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3 Responses to Lose upto 12kg in just 12 week

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  2. Shirley Rughani says:

    Hi I’m am 32yrs female (married) weighing 100kgs.I suffer from endometriosis and have bilateral cysts in my ovaries. I need to loose atleast 10 kgs in 2 months as I’m undergoing IVF Treament and doc has advised me for max weight loss for better results

    • Dt.Farzana says:

      Hi Shirley,
      Thankd for reaching out to me :) You can get upto 8 kg of healthy weight loss by following balanced meal plan of http://www.allaboutdiets.in . Since you are in obese category I wuld suggest that In stead of making target of fast weight loss. You should make small achivable target for yourself which makes you motivated to lose more :)
      Consider Checking out http://www.allaboutdiets.in/get-in-shape for our most popular program. Do call+919773870930 in case of any query.

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