Foods that Boost Metabolism and Help in Weight Loss

Foods that Boost Metabolism and Help in Weight Loss

High metabolism simply means the capability of your body to burn calories is higher. Our metabolism is partially ruled by genetics, gender and age; however, there are ways to rev it up by eating the right kind of food. Several foods have a high thermogenic effect (heat producing) and upon their consumption we burn more calories as our metabolism has to work harder.

So, when metabolism is charged up, you tend to lose weight even when you eat the same amount of calories. Sounds interesting? Here are some magical high metabolic foods that help in weight loss:

Protein rich foods:

Protein is responsible for building the body muscle and requires more energy to maintain than them than does fat. Therefore, by increasing protein rich food,you increase muscle mass of your body and eventually burn more calories. Few top protein rich foods that boost metabolism are:

Egg whites: It’s low in calories and rich in good quality protein (i.e. just 17kcal and 3.3g protein per egg white). Therefore it accelerates metabolism and results in more fat loss.
Lean meat: Has high protein and iron content. Its deficiency leads to slower metabolism. Therefore one must ensure at least one iron rich meal per day.
Milk and dairy products: These are a great source of calcium along with protein which is responsible for efficient metabolism of fat in body. Dairy products are also rich in vitamin D which preserves the muscle mass and is also essential for maintaining robust metabolism of the body.
Nuts and oil seeds: Dry fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients and good source of protein which has high thermic effect that leads to burningfat while digesting it.


Water is the only zero calorie beverage and very essential to process calories. Studies prove that when a person is not properly hydrated, it results in slower metabolism. In one study, the subjects who drank more than 8 glass of water burned more calories as compared to those who drank less than 4. It’s advisable to drink chilled water to boost metabolism as our body has to work harder to bring it to body temperature.

Green tea:

Green teacontains special component called EGCG, which promotes fat burning process by speeding up the metabolism after sipping it. Researchers state that drinking 2-4 cups of green tea a day helped individuals lose 3 kg in 8 weeks. It not only revs up your metabolism but also compel body to burn additional 17% calories during intense exercise.

Whole grains:

Whole grains are rich in fibre than processed cereal and therefore it takes double the effort to break it down. This helps in burning twice as many calories. Grains like whole wheat, bajra, brown rice, oats, jowar and nachni are some of them.

Lentils and beans:

These have a rich source of iron i.e. around 1/3rd of our daily iron needs can be met by just one cup of lentils. Iron facilitates the flow of blood throughout the body and is responsible for proper metabolic functioning. Eating iron rich foods can help give a quick boost to metabolism.


Pepper is an everyday common spice. It contains a compound called capsaicin, which is responsible for increasing metabolism to a certain extent. By seasoning your dishes like soups, egg, gravies with crushed pepper, you can avail its benefits.


Just as capsaicin in hot peppers, the heat of ginger can decrease appetite, assist in digestion and increase the body’s metabolic rate. Try incorporating freshly sliced or grated ginger to your food or green tea.

More tips to increase your metabolism:

Besides making a positive change in your diet, one of the top ways to boost your metabolism is by engaging yourself in physical exercise every day.Stop crash dieting, it has ill effects and slows down your metabolism.

Eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like, flax seeds, fatty fish, walnuts and salmon. It balances blood sugar and minimizes inflammation, eventually helping in regulating metabolism.

Eat breakfast early.During sleep we are at rest but our metabolic activity is on, also the body is made to fast for 8 hrs in the night, which slows down metabolism.Breaking the fast early helps boost metabolism. Breakfast should never be missed.

Follow these tips and find yourself healthy, light and fit.

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