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Diet Program for PCOS Management

In India One out of every 10 women suffers from PCOS. Frequent eating out and relying on convenience food is of the major reasons of hormonal imbalance seen in PCOS. Our customized Diet program for PCOS can help you over come the major symptoms of PCOS like weight gain, fertility issues, hair fall, acne, facial hair growth etc.

Weight gain is one of the major issues faced by PCOS patients therefore we focus of upto 6kg of weight loss through our PCOS Care diet program.

PCOS Care – 60 Days Diet Program


Rs 7999/ 175$
2 Months
  • 6 Customized Diet Plans
  • Upto 6kg of weight loss
  • PCOS care guidelines
  • Daily guidance over Mobile App
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Weekly Monitoring (8 sessions)
  • Workout regime

Frequenly Asked Questions

How PCOS Care Diet Program works?

Once you register in PCOS Care diet program, we will be sending you  a questionnaire over your registered mail id to know your eating pattern and lifestyle. After complete analysis of your routine and eating pattern we formulate a simple diet plan for you which are known to help you overcome your symptoms and lose weight if required.

How can I be sure of effectiveness of this program?

Since we make customized diet plan by correcting your lifestyle and diet there is rare chances of its not working as compared to the formula generated one fits for all.

How much weight I can lose in this program?

Generally we target 4-6 kg of result in our two months of PCOS Care diet program. But results vary person to person.

Can you assure complete cure of PCOS by this program?

NO, no one can assure the complete cure of PCOS, but you can defiantly notice improvement in your occurrence of symptoms like delayed menses, acne on face, facial hair growth etc.