Is karvachauth fast on your checklist? Well than you might need some help about healthy karwachauth fasting. Here we go..

Karwachauth, one of the most celebrated festivals by married woman is just round the corner.In which married women observe fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands. I guess we all know that but let’s know more about Karwachauth fasts and find out some healthy way of karwa chauth fasting.


On the day of Karwachuauth fasts married women wake up early in the morning before sunrise to eat ‘sargi’ – a meal usually prepared by their mothers in law – mostly consists of Vermicelli, milk and dry fruits. After this meal, they do not consume even a drop of water until the moon appears.

A fast can help you to lose weight but fasting from sunrise to moonrise can put a strain on your body.You might feel weak and develop problems like acidity, gas. Headache, low blood pressure.

So yes Karwachauth fasts are important but let’s understand how to make your fasts healthy.


Sargi is a traditonal pre-dawn meal that mother-in-laws send to their daughter-in-laws before Karva Chauth.

Do’s and Dont’s Of Sargi

Do’s Of Sargi

Try having fresh fruits and dry fruits for your Sargi. It should generally comprise of fruits like berries, oranges, banana, papaya, pears as they are excellent source of fibers.
You can also include dry fruits like almonds, dates and figs.
For carbohydrate and protein you can have oats roti + paneer as oats will delay the emptying of stomach and also make you feel full for longer time.
You can have a refreshing lemon drink.

Don’t’s Of Sargi

SAY no to Tea, Coffee
Not to have sweets or oily parathas as they will make you feel hungry, thirsty and dizzay after sometime.


Bowl of fruits
1 wheat oats roti+ 50 gm paneer
½ Cup Curd or 1 glass Buttermilk

After sometime
Lemon water
Almonds, dates or figs


Sargi is the very important meal of karva chauth fasting. A healty sargi will keep you full for longer time and will avoid issues like hunger, thirst, dehydration, headache etc.


Keep yourself busy throughout the day to avoid hunger pangs or cravings.
Think more about getting ready and looking gorgeous
Listen to music relax for a while
Do a little less physical acyivity as will lead to a feeling of fatigue.


After being empty stomach for the whole day, do not jump to grasp your favourite oily meal. This can make you ill and you may suffer from indigestion. Hence, you can eat light meals high in carbohydrates and protein which will calm your hunger and will revive the lost energy.

Yes you might be hungry but go slow on your breaking your fasts. Do not overeat
Start with a glass of plain or flavoured water like lemon water.
Whole wheat Chapati or Besan thepla would be better options than fried Puris.
Bowl of Vegetables
Stir Fry Paneer as a side dish (to balance on your protein intake)
And last but not the least a piece of dark chocolate is better to satisfy your sweet cravings instead of heavy sugar and oil laden mithai.

If you break your fast with high kcal foods it will disrupt your digestive system leading to constipation and other problems rather opt for foods which are high in protein and fiber but are low in Kcal. As it will not only boost your weight loss plan but will also help you to stay healthy and fit.
Do follow these tips for karvachauth. Hope you enjoy your karva chauth and stay healthy.
Wishing all a very happy karwachauth.

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