Ways to Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

Have you gained tons of weight post pregnancy?

Does it seems, you can never become stunning like you were in your wedding pics?

Relax there is a definite way out for you weight gain issues!

I know you have got lot of pampering post pregnancy by your mother, in-laws and by your other half. Believe me! They did right, as they were concerned about you and your little one’s health 🙂

It’s true that the nutritional demand increases post pregnancy as you feed your baby and also there are blood losses. A lactating mother require 350-550 extra calories and 20-25g of additional protein per day to ensure proper nourishment of new-born and heavy nutrient demands of mother.

But normally we eat way lot more than what is advisable, and on top of that inactivity cause a lot of weight gain!!

What’s the right thing to do in first 4-6 month after pregnancy?

Remember it took you 9 months to get there so the weight loss is going to be a gradual process. If you lose weight too soon after childbirth you are going to take time to recover and end up feeling tired. And yes, you need a lot more energy so that you can muster to the life of your newborn.

If you are breast feeding wait until your baby is 4 months old.  Aim to loose between 0.5kg and 1kg (1lb to 2lb) a week which will not  affect the quality or supply of your milk, or your baby’s growth. Losing weight gradually will also make it more likely to stay off in the long run.

Exclusive breastfeeding is top most way to shed  your post pregnancy weight gain. It meets the caloric requirement of the infant. As well lactation is often suggested by researchers as an efficient means of postpartum weight loss due to its high energy cost. But its important to shed those kilos which is safe for you and your baby. You’ll need around an extra 330 calories a day to have the energy to produce milk. However, some of these additional energy needs will be met from your body’s existing fat stores. Exclusive breastfeeding promotes greater weight loss than mixed feeding among mothers even in the early postpartum period. This suggests that there is the need to encourage mothers to exclusively breastfeed as a means of overweight and obesity prevention.

But yes don’t go in for extravagant fat laden products as lactation may not  facilitate weight loss, especially if the patient consumes a high-calorie diet and does not routinely exercise for an adequate amount of time.

Tips for losing weight post 6 months of delivery

Chances are that physical changes you notice after pregnancy may become so dramatic that many people refer this as fourth trimester.

You desperately want to look like your old self again. However there is no magical way to take off baby weight gain. Here is as an simple and easy way to trim down all while taking care of your bundle of joy.

What you need to do:

•    Don’t skip your meals especially breakfast. New moms get so busy taking care of her young one that she often miss breakfast or eat large portion in long intervals of time. It further cause weight gain, therefore idea is to eat small frequent meals low in fat and high in nutrients.

•    Follow a balanced diet. Diet which is balanced in major nutrients like Carohydrate, Protein, Fat, Calcium, Iron, take care of major part in maintaining your weight. Never go on crash dieting or low carb/ high protein diet you will be more likely to end up with serious health issure like High uric acid levels, loss of muscle mass etc.  It’s always recommended to consult a dietitian to provide you with an individualized diet that suites your daily routine, ethnic background, and your energy demands post pregnancy.

•    Post pregnancy cravings continue- Opt for right choices esp as a snack pick fruits/ carrot sticks with hummus/ bowl of low fat curd/ sprouts etc.

  • Perform some kind of physical activity regularly such as walking/ yoga/swimming/ aerobics/ zumba six days a week.

Choose Wisely

Post natal weight loss can be your short term goal. But Choosing wisely can go long way in cultivating  healthy eating habits for your entire life.

•     Ditch all the junk food from your kitchen

•     Make time for breakfast -eating breakfast can help keep you from feeling famished and tired  later in the morning, and it can give you the energy to be more active.

•     Trim the extra fat -Fat has twice as many calories as carbohydrates or proteins, so trimming the extra fat from your diet is probably the easiest way to cut calories .

•     Complex carbs like whole grains, cereals will keep you full for longer

•     Get adequate sleep – One study found that mums who slept five or less hours per night were more likely to hold onto their extra baby weight – This is because when you’re sleep deprived, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which can promote weight gain around your belly.

Remember! Your health is important, if you are healthy from inside than only your can take care of your child and will be able to enjoy your motherhood better, as running behind your child require fit and strong body 🙂

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