Why am I not losing weight? (Weight Loss Tips)

Why am I not losing weight? (Weight Loss Tips)

Many of my clients before consulting me ask “despite trying so many strategies, why I am not losing weight?”

When I ask them what efforts you have made so far, they share..

I did GM diet for month

I took herbal life shake for three months

I went on fruits and liquid diet

I do gym every day!

Ok wait! any sensible approach? This is usually my reaction to that.

“So I did any wrong?” they ask me suspiciously.

Of course by following above methods you are not only hampering you metabolism but also pushing yourself to many essential nutrient deficiencies. Every second day I get cases of low Iron, Vitamin B12, calcium, low muscles mass and high percentage of fat.

Do we have any way to lose weight and not feel tired and dull whole day?

Yes there is!

Eating healthy balanced diet and eating a variety of food is the only way to get long lasting weight loss result. By eating right you can improve your metabolism and nourish your body so that you don’t fall for metabolic disorder like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, Heart disease etc.  I am helping hundreds of client every month to give them a long lasting healthy weight loss. >>Check program details here<<

Few Major Reasons of you NOT Losing Weight!

  • You are eating too low calorie diet
  • Not keeping track of what you are eating
  • Drinking empty calories
  • Not drinking enough water
  • You are too stressed out
  • You have been starving for too long
  • Unrealistic approach
  • Underlying disease condition/ hormonal issues

Few Weight Loss tips to get you started at your journey :

  • Have filling breakfast which consist of cereal (complex carbohydrate), a protein source ( egg/ beans/ milk and milk product) and vitamin and mineral source (fruit/ vegetables)
  • Have in between snacking on fruits and nuts
  • Have plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Have good fats e.g. Almonds/ walnuts/ flax seeds/ avocado/ pumpkin seeds/ coconut etc
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid empty calories (soft drinks)
  • Avoid bakery product
  • Eat variety in terms for cereal, pulses, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
  • Include any form of physical activity for 45 mins per day.

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Farzana Chauhan is a nutritionist, educator, public speaker and columnist, in the field of Diet and Nutrition. In the last three years, she has worked as a nutritionist for gyms and various fitness trainers and is also a consultant for doctors and physiotherapists. She is helping people make healthier food choices and helps clients to move from setting weight or health goals to successful behavior changes. You cn reach out to her at +919773870930 or dietitiandesk@gmail.com

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