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Get In Shape Weight Loss Program 

Over the years we have observed on weight loss client that best way to lose weight is eating….and more importantly eating right !


Just by eating right you can successfully resolve all you weight management issue.
Being overweight or obese invite many serious health problems which are even life threatening like heart attack, stroke, cancer etc. it is important to note that losing just even 10% of your weight can result in significant health improvements. And can also help you avoid serious conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, stroke and many more. Beside this there are plenty of other contributing reasons for overweight or obese people to lose weight, i.e. to become healthier, look better, feel better or to be more energetic.


Here at All about diets our mission is to create simple, effective and nutritionally balanced weight loss plan for the Indian/Asian community, and to give you complete guidance by dietitians about eating right and to achieve healthy weight loss. Lets go through our Indian Weight Loss Diet program



One Month Three month Six month
 Rs. 3499/- (70$) Rs. 8999/- (180$) Rs. 15999/- (325$)
Weight Loss: 2-4* kg Weight Loss: 6-8* kg Weight Loss: 12-15* kg
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A healthy gradual weight loss gives a long lasting result. Keep in mind any ads that tell you that you can shed kilos without lowering your caloric intake or without increasing your physical activity are selling fantasies and false hopes.

In order to lose weight one needs to correct there eating pattern and keep themselves active. Join in our  weight loss program and experience how to ‘Eat Healthy and Lose Weight’


The variation with All About Dies weight loss program is that it offers an effective and healthy way to lose weight.

All About Diet’s four step approach to achieve weight loss success !



We Do

Plan personalized diets to suit individual needs.

Encourage weight loss which last!

Aim to make you achieve your weight loss goal by healthy eating

Provide prompt guidance of your queries.

Provide unique ways to control over eating.

We Don’t

Encourage any crash diets or let you starve.

Make you follow any silly rules

Give you food which you dislike.

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