Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss, what you should target?

Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss, what you should target?

People are so obsessed with losing weight that they are ready to follow any diet which promise to deliver quick results. There is no denial in effectiveness of fad diets BUT, did you ever gave it a thought weather its helping you burn fat stores or depleting muscle of your body to give you result on weighing scale?

Many people think that weight loss and fat loss are same, but there is world of difference between the two.

“When you lose weight it can be either muscle loss, fat loss or water loss. But when you lose in inches in clearly tells you are burning fat.”

It wouldn’t be difficult for you to understand above statement, if you are aware that fat is more voluminous than muscle.  If you are burning fat by eating right and doing strength training you will more likely to lose inches. On contrary to this if you do crash dieting and stay on only fruits and vegetables you will more likely to lose muscles and result will be only appealing on weighing scale, that too only for temporary period.

Why you should also target Inch Loss and not only Weight Loss?

When you are trying to lose and see the difference in weight this difference can be influenced daily by:

  • Water intake
  • Bowl content
  • Muscle gain or loss
  • Fat gain or loss
  • Water retention etc.

And you completely have no clue what is happening and weather you are getting rid of fat which is main culprit for deteriorating your health.

2.Two people with exactly same height and weight can look completely different in their appearances because of the fat content in their bodies. So so isn’t is wired running behind achieving your ideal body weight?

3. Inch loss by burning fat can drastically change your personality and only weight loss can make you look dull and tired.

4. Inch loss if done by proper weight training and balanced diet and good quality protein can make you strong and robust.


How to track fat loss?


  • Take weekly body measurements for tracking inch loss, this is one of the best and easiest way.
  • Check you strength level. It should gradually improve if its stagnant or going down you are losing muscle mass and not fat.
  • Click picture with straight posture and compare with old pictures.
  • Fat calipers are available in market which can give your idea about your progress.
  • Pay attention to compliments by people who are around you they can notice your progress before you 🙂


How to make sure you are losing fat content and not muscle mass?


When person want to lose weight they start racing against low calorie diets and rigorous workout routine with lots of cardio. As a result they lose massive amount of weight in short period on weighing scale BUT they just look smaller with excess body fat. So the smart approach is to concentrate on below simple points to start your fat loss journey.

  • Pay attention to your protein intake. Average Indian diet is devoid of proteins and are very high on carbs. Daily intake of proteins should be 0.8-1g / kg body weight. For an e.g. if your ideal body weight is 70kg than you should consume 56-70g protein per day.
  • Include more of weight /strength training in your workout regime.
  • Avoid crash/ very less calorie diet and diet which contains only fruits and vegetables (e.g. GM Diet)


Worried about your fat persona?

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